Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Celeb Inspiration: MAXImize the pleasure...

                                                             Ashley Tisdale,Jessica Alba
                                                                     Gwen stefani(up), Vanessa Hudgens(down)

Maxi dresses is a trend tha celebs love at summertime! And I mean who can blame them?? It's something you can wear day and night.. Get dressed up with it or add some fashion and glamour to your ordinary things-to-do! Fabulous prints and uptempo mood! They are summery and sometimes so so fab! Wear them with wedges,bangles,hoop earrings,big hats(for the day)! Play with the things you can do! They are fabulous for the beach,nigght out,island vacation pretty much EVERYthing! How cool is that?? They come in tons of styles and textures and colours and prints! Of course for the summer bright colours or multi-coloured stripes etc are the BOMB!So now that the weather is still hot get out there and be fab..
Marina Fashionista

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  1. Such a great selection of photos! Love them all :)

    Keep up awesome job!

    ps.thx so much for your amazing words, appretian tehm all.