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by - June 23, 2012

 Hi “4everUSMC”! So first of all what does this name means? It’s your chictopia 
name but what does it stand for?
4ever United States Marine Corps, although my husband and I, divorces after about 12 years of marriage, we are closer than ever, as young adults now, in our prime. I will always, love my time in the United States Military with Power of Attorney to manage his career till, now, by which he has been granted Embassy Duty and I have been granted Retirment Benefits and will be financial secure for the rest of my life, because I sacrificed my Peace, Happiness, and Safety to SUPPORT OUR COUNTRY of young gents, the best I can, come what may.

We would like to know you better. You say that you a dreamer. Well what are your dreams? Tell us more about yourself. 
The above is a dream to most who have read my experiences!

So how you started your blog? How did you came with this idea?
I started my blog to support my husband, while he was deployed and I needed faith to know that we would come back unscathed, unwounded, and uninjured. It was a miracle that he came back stronger than before.

How would you describe your style?
My style is portrayed in “Foundation dela MOI” on my Chic Blog…Latin, Romantic, and Ancient Chinese…exudes Feminine Strength and Diplomacy!

What are your favourite items, that you try to wear often?
Luxury items spiced with something new, something barrowed from mama, and something true-blue!

As the true fashionista that you are, who has been your inspiration? 
My Inspiration is my mother, my father, my brothers, my cousins, and all the men and women that I adored reminding me of Greek DEMI-Gods!

Who is your favourite designer?
My Favorite Designer is my MOM and BROTHERS!

Can you name us your favourite shopping destinations? Where do you love shopping?
I love to shop wherever life takes me…When I lived in Hawaii…BEBE was rocking gorgeous CHIC-COUTURE for show, for sure, and I would feel in the mood to say…“OUI, OUI…monsieur!”

Where can somebody find you? 
Find me in Albany, California 94706 and/or CHICTOPIA.Com

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know you and you style better!

by Marina Fashionista & Mary Vie

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