Fashion goodies: The tousers are ready to make a ''Statement''..

by - June 26, 2012


                                                       Cynthia Rowley
                                                    Just Cavalli
Have to admit it propably my fav spring/summer 2012 trend.. Statement trousers! Big trousers with prints all over,bold colours and funky designs are here to style up any plain outfit.. You can  keep the rest of the outfit minimal or not... but that will be discussed another time.Play with all the different colours,patterns and make the biggest fashion statment. Shock them all with something they would never exepect you to wear! Be bold! be brave.Go out there,have some fun and Make your Statement...
Marina Fashionista

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2 σχόλια

  1. Hi Marina! I'm the same Kesly from lookbook! I can't read greek so I'm not sure how to follow you... Anyway! I love the statement trousers! I hope to try these someday... :D

  2. Hey kelsy well Just spread the news about the blog.. the posts are in english anyway.. haha Try them for sure!!!