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by - June 28, 2012

So the rumors are spreading about H&M's new collaboration... Well for sure it's gonna be something different.. It's not gonna be(surprisengly!!!) some glamorous,super-known designer such as Marni,Versace etc.. So the word has it that ,these two names are the ones that are duelling about a possible collaboraton..
1st one

                                           Anna Dello Russo
                           Fashion editor,street style superstar,style icon...
            and of course with a fantastic wardrobe! Love her! She is crazy(in a good way)and absolutely stylish
            This collection will be all about accesories... Bangles,sunglasses etc.. Anna thinks accesories are
            essential.. so the collection will follow her philosophy.As Anna herself says''these pieces will be able
           to turn an ordinary day,into a fantastic fashion day'' and we definitely believe her.I my self as a huuge
            accesories fan I'll purchase everything!

2nd one
                                         Maison Martin Margiela.
                                French fashion house,minimalistic,surreal
           Well this time no glossy names for H&M, but this fashion house seems good! right??
           founded back at 1989 this fashion house will bring something different I can assure you
           Do some research and you'll understand what I mean... plastic power shoulders and disco balls are
           the least I can tell you...

            So hmm some last thoughts. I don't know which one do you prefer,but just imagine Maison Martin
            Margielas garments combined with(my fav) Anna Dello Russos accesories.... How cool that would
            be?? A total shake fore the fashion world.. haha the bomb! Which one it is.. we'll learn.Stay tuned
            and get readyy
            Marina Fashionista

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