Fashion goodies : Do I see Neon everywhere??

by - July 05, 2012

                                                Nanette Lepore,Rag & Bone,Peter Som
                                                               street style                          
                                                             Jason Wu

Well,YES I DO! Neon colours are a huuuge spring-summer trend! yayyy! I adore them so yeahh.. They are hot,bold,fashionable and so summerish! I don't know why but they make me feel amazingly happy! Feeling down?? Wear Neon! I mean they make my day just by looking at them! Pluss they really make ur tan(even if it's not that much) pop! They are sensetional ,combine them right,play with the colours and as I aalways say have fun! But this time I really do mean it! for real they are all about fun! U can even do colour blocking with them!! remember the post?? sure u do ;)
Anyways try them out and u'll have a blast
Marina Fashionista

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