Fashion Goodies: Head to toe prints.. Bayyuum

by - July 02, 2012

                                                                   Jil Sander

                                                          Mary Katrantzou

Prints all over the Place! From head to toe! You either Love it or you hate it.. I Love it! Stylish as hell
Wonderful colours,fantastic prints and above all class... my fav.Don't be afraid to play with both the colours and the prints combinations...You will be amazed when you see how fashionable and statmentish you look
That's a look for you to walk down the road(or the runway) with style and confidence. But beware,Safe tip : keep the accesorising as minimal as you possibly can or else you may end up looking like a fashionable wannabe clown.. We say yes to Extravaganza but heck no to tackyness.. Have fun
Marina Fashionista

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