Celeb inspiration : Jeffery campbell shoes...

by - August 03, 2012

                                                                         Ashley Tisdale
                                                                          Lady Gaga

                                                                    Jessika Alba

                                                            Vanesa Hudgens

                                                                      Selena Gomez
The JFC(not the airport), as I like to call them! They are becoming huge! I mean fashionistas and more and more celebs all over the world are gettin' obsessed with them and who can blame them right? I mean huge thick wooden heels,huge( and Oh-so-comfortable) platforms,six inch heelesss shoes,a great variety of crazy n'fabulous prints! I could continue... anyways the thing is that they are also really comfortable and so not hurtfull for you or your feet! and that's thanks to the huge platform that has always it's place in the front of every jfc shoe! Anyways the will make even the plainest outfit into a statment! extra fashionista tip: these shoes are an extravaganza on their own,try to keep the rest of the outfit minimal to avoid overdressing and lookin' weird! Rock them any time fashionistas! Walk with confidence,style and comfort.. I mean what else could a fashion girl ask for??
Marina fashionista

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