Celeb inspiration : Oh you make me feel so''Hat''

by - August 29, 2012


                                     Vanessa Hudgens,Blake Lively,Kim Kardashian

Hats ON babies.... So here's the scene: It's summer,the sun is shinning,It's soo hot! Ok sooo tha Hat is just the best thing to rock! And our favourite celebs prove it all the time! You can wear it with pretty much everything like beach clothes,long dresses for a walk.. etc.You can play with so many shapes and sizes such as the straw(pic 9) for a more sophisticated look..or with the floppy ones(which I absolutely adore-pic 7) for a more feminine and femme fatale look! They will compliment your outfits and of course protect ou from the burnin' sun!How cool is that? It's like fun and work or somethin' (Duhh)!!!
So go out and play,but don't forget your hats ;)
Marina Fashionista

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