Fashion Blogger: Amanda Liu

by - August 20, 2012

What do you think about our new blog? We would really love the opinion of a true fashionable girl. 
Well I think is like a one stop fashion blog for all the girls or perhaps for anyone who wants to know the latest trend, to what's the celebrities favor, to the daily or weekly fashion blogger to perhaps anything that has got to do with fashion. It's a blog that I would constantly click and to check for more updates :)  

We would like to know you better.Tell us more about yourself. 
I am a 20 years old girl who lives in Malaysia and currently pursuing my studies in Communication and Media Management. Aside from that, I have a big love for drawing and sketching as well :) 

So how you started your blog? How did you came with this idea? 
I started my blog as a lifestyle blogger under the influence of my friends when i was in high school. As I grew older and as I step into my first year of college, I started asking myself why not do something different instead of lifestyle blog. And since I love fashion so much so why not try starting a fashion blog and that is what brings me to who I am now :) 

How would you describe your style? 
I would say my style is very versatile, I dress up according to how I feel for the day. If I am feeling abit slacky I'll dress up a bit swaggy and all (laughs) , if I feel a bit girlish I'll dig my closet just to find a skirt of a dress :) 

What are your favourite items, that you try to wear often? 
My favorite items would definitely be blazers and heels. Nothing goes wrong with blazers I have to say, you can practically pair anything along with a blazers. Sometimes it's like a lifesaver for me. As for heels, it has a tendency to makes your leg look longer and strengthen it up :) Bonus point for it (laughs) 

As the true fashionista that you are, who has been your inspiration? 
I have a few people that really inspired the way I dress. One of them would be my mum. My mum always has good taste in clothes and finding the right material as well. She matches things very well that it look so simple but yet she makes it look so elegant ;) Aside from my mum, singapore fashion bloggers as well as any asian fashion bloggers are a big influencer to me. People like Jessica Tran, Peony Lim, Hosanna Swee, Yoyo. C, are a few fashion bloggers and icons that truly inspired the way I dress.

Who is your favourite designer? 
Givenchy, Alexander Mcqueen, Jenny Packham, Vera Wang. 

Can you name us your favourite shopping destinations? Where do you love shopping? 
I love shopping online and aside from blogshop, my all time favorite shopping destination would be ZARA, zara and still zara :) 

Where can somebody find you?
You can find me at: 
Facebook :

                                                                          By Marina Fashionista & Mary Vie 

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