Stylist Interview: Alexandra M.

by - August 08, 2012

What do you think about our new blog? We would really love the opinion of a true fashionable girl. 
That is really nice idea – to collect style inspirations and tips in one place picked by girls with such a good taste. 

We would like to know you better.Tell us more about yourself. 
Now I am a freelance stylist living in Moscow. Today I mainly occupied in various projects. And I am so in love with all this: styling photoshoots, creating style for different people, helping with the advice, shopping. It’s a great pleasure to see that your work makes others more beautiful, more happy and more theirselves. 

So how did you start your blog? How did you come up with this idea?
When my job as a stylist became more intensive, I realized that I need a space where I will be able to share my experience, inspiration and the results of what I do. The blog is ideal mean for that purpose. There aren’t my outfits in it, because styling myself isn’t all I can do. 

How would you describe your style? 
My style is mix of free and femininity. That’s why boho and hippie elements are often guests in my outfits and my favourite garment is a dress. Sometimes I love more femininity in my style, sometimes – more free spirit, these two terms dancing everyday into my style scales.

What are your favourite items, that you try to wear often? 
That is the Top-3 of my favourite items: 
1) Turquoise heels from Jessica Simpson (they really makes any outfit) 
2) Biker boots from H&M ( wear them when want to feel comfy) 
3) Twist bat wing top from AX Paris ( that is just love from the first sight, totally my thing which I wear often not for being fashionable but for being myself)

As the true fashionista that you are, who has been your inspiration? 
My inspirations are usually nameless. It could be people in the street, films, ad pieces etc – all that can combine color, form and the mood in it. Sometimes places and music could be my inspiration. And I really like Rihanna’s and Kate Bosworth’s outfits. They can’t bore me.  

Who is your favourite designer?  
 I think I don’t have a favourite one. But I can name those, whose collections I always watch with pleasure. That is Alberta Ferretti, DSquared2, Chanel.  

Can you name us your favourite shopping destinations? Where do you love shopping?
 I really love vintage shops and flea markets, but unfortunately I rarely visit these places. Concerning massmarket – H&M, River Island, Topshop are in my top-3. 

Where can somebody find you? 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know you and you style better! 

BY Marina Fashionista & Mary Vie

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