Celeb Inspiration : ''Ash''tonishin'

by - September 24, 2012

                                   Lindsay Lohan, Lucy Liu, Kate Bosworth, & Jourdan Dunn 
                                                                      Dakota Fanning
''Ash'' are the new fall/winter trend! And as I think a total musthave! Also more and more of our fav celebs are sporting it! And I can absolutely see why! I mean It's fantastic...I mean on the one hand it is a sneaker,really comfortable,cosy,perfect for everyday.. but on the other hand It's suede(which I love) and It's a wedge!!!! How Fantabulous is that???? It can upgrade each one of your everyday looks! I mean It's 2to1!
It goes along among your everyday outfits... But is gives you the benefits and the sexiness of the heel! As you can see I've fall for it too! You can wear it with your tights,leggings,fav skinny jeans.. pretty much everything!
So yeah! Find one that suits your personality(since the come in a tones of colour combos) and rock it!
Marina Fashionista

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