Fashion goodies: Plastic is fantstic Vol.2 ''Ted Baker''

by - September 19, 2012


Ted Baker bags are funny cute coloured vinyl but plasticish bags! And they have become Big!!! And I can totally see why! Fun colours,cute plastic bows,funny patterns! I mean they are great! Sooo Doll-tastic! Personally I adore this material.. It's so shiny and upliftin'.They actually look so Barbish I could die..
U can choose over a very wide range of colour combinations!!! They are just making my day. The most popular of all is the ''Iconic'' bag.Each season Ted Baker brigs out more colours,sizes and different editions of them! More serious n' dressy ones or more Pop coloured n' Barbish! Find one that matches ur style n' rock plastic like no one has ever done!
So If u ever think about gettin' a plastic surgery, get a Ted Baker n' have fun!!!
Marina Fashionista

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