Fashion Goodies: May the only War,be the fashion one!

by - October 23, 2012

Military is another hot trend for this year! Yayy! I personally love it! Dark colours(burgandy,grey,beige,black),rich textures! That middle-war feelin' is great! Reminds me of great love stories(Pearl Harbor etc)! This year it's definitely in as our fav designers keep adding it to their collections! With jackets,leather jackets,coats,boots etc! for men and for women! Are you ready for a time trip? I am! Pieces like that are easily compaired with pretty much everything! Jeans,pants,wool! and even with softer materials like lace,fur(faux of course!),silk! You know for a great contrast! Add one of those garments to your wardrobe asap!
So Travel back,remember,fall (deeply,passionately,madly) in love...and may this be the only thing we'll see closest to a war!
Marina Fashionista

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