Fashion goodies : Prepare for Trouble.. n' make it ''Double''

by - November 19, 2012

                                                                       Alexande Mcqueen

Double rings have been around for a while! They are the newest sensation in accesories! And they are fab! I myslef(guilty as charged) am Obsessed with'em! I think I own more than 20! Def think you should give'em a chance! They are all over the place you will find them almost everywhere! The are fab,extraordinary and ready to take you over! They are a statment! The kind give you a glam-rock diva look! but there are others that are more romantic for our those of us who prefer to look the world through pink glasses(guilty as well! whoops!).Anyways you'll find them in a variety of shapes sizes and styles! Oh! I almost forgot! guess what! for an even more stylish rock n' ''rose'' kinda look there are also triple or more!  check them out n' have fun!
Marina Fashionista

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