Fashion news : Speed-up to a whole new level..

by - November 10, 2012

Louis Vuitton is introducing a whole new version of their iconic bag "speedy''! The new loui V. baby is called
Speedy Bandouliere! It's similar to the old speedy but it's a new modern adaption! although it retains the emblematic shape of the original one,there are cool new additions such as new finishings,zips,and brass studs to bring this baby up-to-date! This adaption makes the bag a cross-body bag with aan integrated shoulder strap which also makes the bag really comfy! This must-have comes in whole new colours the colours of deep blue(Infini),dark orange(Orient),deep purple(Aube),cranberrie(Aurore) and sweet chocolate(Terre).This bag is about to become the new must-have of the french house!
For the record the ''speedy 25'' the smallest version of the bag was first introduced by L.V at 1965  due to a special request by the fashion icon of all times Audrey Hepburn! And by then.. The bag has become the best friend for many celebs and women all over the world!
Marina Fashionista

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