Celeb Style : The Lady Is a Vamp! (ps Kristen stewart)

by - December 08, 2012

 As one of the most epic Love romances of our times: ''The Twilight saga'' came to an end we thought we should at least make a post about the incredible person behind Bella Swan! They may share the same body but.. Bella Swan is a Tomboy absolutely unselfish and in love! None of those are bad! But.. It's even better for Kristen cause she has the ability to bring style to the red carpet every time! Sometimes with ladylike dresses or old Hollywood glam! Some others she combines the tomboyishness inside her to the classy one and the result is more than great! Vamp,interesting,a little goth but always classy,sexy and with a killah figure to combine all those! What else could we ask?? It seems that a newborn vamp(whoops) style Icon is born!
Marina Fashionista

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