In the path of full blossom!

by - July 15, 2013

                                                             Dress (worn as a blouse) : H&M
                                                               Skirt    :   Sprider Stores
                                                              Wedges : H&M
                                                               Sunglasses : Accesorize

                                                                ring :  BLANCO
                                                              necklace : Bershka
                                                               bracelet  : H&M
                                                             nail polish : no159 by Lovie

     Αs you know summertime is the best for you to be girlie and fab' So lace ( a trend that's still goin' on) and cute skirts are the best way to go! In this outfit also I like the combination of lace (a totally delicate material) with denim ( a material comin' from cowboys!!! ) ! I think it's interesting blending materials that would originally wouldn't work for each other and creat a nice contrast! I also addes some gold with the accesories to glam it up a bit' , love playin' with garments.. and admit it! who doesn't ? Find the look on Lookbook here :
Have fun gurls
xo xo

                                                          occasion :  art exhibition at Benakis museum

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