Urban Blue

by - August 18, 2013

                                                       Dress : Pink woman
                                              sunglasses   :  Guru
                                             earrings      : H&M

                                                     Area : Kerameikos ''Gazi''

    Hey ya all ! For this look I went for this gorgeous blue sundress ! Sundresses are perfect for the summer! They go perfect with sandals,flip flops and they are not only gorgeous but really really comfy! I also chose wedges (as per yousual ! ) It was the perfect look for a walk in one of the city's most central areas where people from everywhere gathers and it's one of the most urban ones as well! Also If you like I have gone for the ombre trend in the hair this blue is a perfect match... the color combo is just great! really makes it pop!!!

Have fun everyone...!!! Summer is still here and we have to look even hotter than it!
xo xo

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