Denim : ON

by - September 16, 2013

                                                                  shorts : H&M
                                                                  belt   : pink woman
                                                                 bag  :  video
                                                                  sunglasses : Guru
                                                               handbag : Avon

  Denim , denim , denim ! Always relevant and in style ! This week I attended the H&M Denim on event (now you know where the title is inspired from... whoops! ) Anyways The outfit had to be denim.. so I went for denim on denim ! Always a safe still really stylish solution ! I used a long shirt as a top , styled it up with a brown belt -to outline my waist as per usual- Am I gettin' a lil' boring or what ? jk! Actually the shirt was a menswear one! but with the belt it really changed! I think it turned out great! I used brown accesories as they really match blue ! As for the jewelry it was all about colorful stones! complitely complimentive I think!  The event was fab... even the color of the champagne matched denim -the theme- and our outfits! How cool is that?? The place was wonderfull (Ermou st.) as you can see in the pictures above ! We really did have fun photoshooting this despite the mosquito attacks-first pictures- at a garden nearby(we are after all true fashion survivors) ! Check it out an try to search for the cutest kitty-cat photobomber evahhh !
Do not forget lookbook :

Switch the denim button on and live life to the fullest
xo xo
Marina Fashionista 

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  1. It's nice that you visited me :)
    We see it?

    I greet

  2. Very nice outfit. :) Love your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know.

  3. awesome, love the photos!


  4. Amazing outfit and photos :))

  5. Great outfit! Denim fits you well! (Love the shirt)

    Harris from

  6. You look stunning, great style and your legs.... :OO I'm a new follower!;-)

  7. Wow!!! Amazing denim combination!!! You are stunning!!!
    I love your blog!!! Let`s follow each other? ;-)
    Also in the Facebook ;-)

    Kisses from Istanbul,

    1. aww thnx! glad u like it :D
      of course that would be great!

  8. Fantastic, You look great in blue and I want that bag:P