Purple rain..

by - September 01, 2013

                                                                Shirt : Bershka
                                                             sunnies : Guru
                                                             shorts : H&M
                                                             shoes  : Zara
                                                          earring   : Accesorize
                                                          braceletes : H&M
                                                          Nail polish : Lovie
                                                           Iphone case : Tally weijl

  Hey everyone! It's the official last summer post! And by the way Have a really nice month! Anyway I chose this shirt (as shirts are always in )  and I kinda convert it into a crop top by tiding it up just where the waist starts! Doing that with shirts is a great way to change ur outfits ! It's also playful and perfect to show these flat bellies of yours! At first I thought it kinda looked like a beachwear outfit... So I decided to style it up with some heels ( this type of green compliments purple ) and some gold glamorous accesories! I also tryied a really long earring , these are soo in right now! But if u have long hair I would advise you to take it all to the one side of ur head and wear only one really long earring! To create a balance to your head! Or else u might look like an x-mas tree (and let's face it! It's still summer !) Anyway I think that the outfit turned out to be great and really city chic! What do u think?? U can find it on lookbook here : http://lookbook.nu/look/5304858-Bershka-Shirt-Zara-Shoes-Guru-Sunglasses-Accesorize

Try to extend the summer people!!! Have fun!
xo xo
Marina Fashionista 

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