Summer in London..

by - September 25, 2013

Skirt : Sprider stores
sunnies : Guru
Cardigan : Avon
cross ring : made by me
earrings : Claire's
Βag : Topshop

   Fall is here and each year this time I always think of London ! You see now that it's kinda hot during the day and chilly at nights , it reminds me of summer in london ! Which is not so cold and rainy , but still cloudy and kinda chilly ! Anyways inspired of  London I put together this week's outfit ! This top was actually purchased by a local store in London while I was there.. It's not a crop top but I kinda made it into one! I thought it would totally match the skirt.. and let's face it.. Crop tops are hot as hell right now ! I also choose this cardigan and I actually think it matched my shoes !! yayy ! As for the accesories I kept it really victorian themed ! cross & royal symbols.. How very london of me right ( ! ? )  The photoshoot took place downtown Athens at ''the freedom park'' ! I think that the scenery really resembled London ! And let me tell ya..the weather did too! One minute the sun was out and about , next minute.. BOOM ! Hello clouds! That made the photoshoot a lil' bit trickier, but everything went well eventually ! Don't forget to check out this look on lookbook :

So it may be fall but I advice you to think it's just summer in London..!!!
Live it up everyone

xo xo
Marina Fashionista 

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