Let's get Athens eXclusive Designers Week !

by - October 23, 2013

Dress : Pink Woman 
Ring : Pull and Bear 
purse : Carpisa 
shoes : Di & Do

                                              Occasion : Athens eXclusive Designers Week

    Greece's  Fashion week just came to an end.. And of course I couldn't miss it ! I mean new fashions, talented designers, stylish people, fab (n' free ? ! ) cocktails,  photographers, red carpet.. What's more to ask ?

   For this red carpet appearance, I choose this fab bodycon, kinda beige-pink, shoulder pad dress! 80's much? Loves it.. It's like Lady Gaga n' Carry Bradshaw mixed together! Stylish but still edgy, oh and bodycons are really becoming my thing !! I paired it with a cute lil' round bag (they are so in right now), and suede beige unckle boots! The key to this outfit had to be the studs! They where pretty much everywhre.. Shoes, bag, shoulder pads! And of course the colour beige (purse,shoes,dress). I think all these came really nice together.. what do you think?

  As for the accesories... Once again : Gold Gold and again GOLD... Just like the whole outfits studs!

  We had the most ah-mazing time, as you can see in the pictures above! Super fab! Who doesn't love exclusive right? Also don't forget to hype this look on lookbook : http://lookbook.nu/look/5481196-Pink-Woman-Dress-Carpisa-Purse-Di-Do-Shoes-Pull

Have a  fashiontastic day !!!
xo xo
Marina Fashionista

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6 σχόλια

  1. I don't loved much this dress but doubtless it looks great on your body. Try to match it with pumps too, I guess it'll be even better


  2. Great look, I love the ring;)
    Have a nice day dear,