Your limit is the sky, mine is the galaxy !

by - October 26, 2013

Leggings : on line
Shoes : Bozikis
Ring : Lambrakis accesories

   This time I decided to go for the galaxy print ! It's a trend that has been going on for a while.. But to be honest, I'm not really sure if it's still hot or if it's... not! Anyways I liked the whole idea! Tell me your opinion..Yay or nay? I paired it with these fab wedged sneakers.. And that is hot.. They are comfy, stylish and for almost every possible outfit! Too street chic right? I choose to wear this blouse( that I have worn in one of my older posts), because winter is close and though I'm completely in love with it I don't know If I'll have the chance to do it again.
  Anyways.. I believe that the outfit turned out to be great! Playful, funky and stylish! And besides I love pink.. Which is almost everywhere in this look! What can I say.. Galaxy really is my limit ! Don't forget to hype please :

Have Fun everyone! Love you to the galaxy !
xo xo
Marina Fashionista 

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  1. ♥BEAUTIFUL, i love your pictures!

  2. Geat! Love your pants!
    I following and invite me

  3. These leggings are very pretty!!! :)
    Le Liliesine
    Autumn…new post…
    The Water Lilies F&L Blog

  4. Amazing look, the leggings have an amazing print and color!
    -xo, Milene from